Modern Slavery Statement

Aristo Law Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement


As an integral part of the online marketing industry, Aristo Law recognizes its responsibility to address the risks associated with modern slavery and human trafficking. The organization is committed to implementing robust measures to prevent such practices in its corporate activities and supply chains.

Organizational Structure and Supply Chains:

This statement encompasses the activities of Aristo Law, a leading web community focused on enhancing the lives of its users. The organization’s strategies are rooted in understanding audience behaviors to engage them contextually during pivotal moments.

Key suppliers include media owners, research companies, and software service providers, with modern slavery being uncommon in their respective industries. Aristo Law primarily operates in the United States.

Relevant Policies:

The organization has established policies aligning with its values and ethical principles, signed off by the entire management team. These policies demonstrate the approach to identifying modern slavery risks and outline preventive measures within its operations.

Key policies include whistleblowing, Which encourages workers, customers, and business partners to report concerns related to direct activities or supply chains. Reporting avenues include line managers and the people and culture team.

Employee Handbook and Induction:

Clearly communicates expected actions and behavior, maintaining high standards of employee conduct and ethical behavior. New employees receive the handbook upon joining and awareness on identifying signs of modern slavery.

Recruitment/Agency Workers Policy:

Ensures the use of reputable employment agencies, verifying their practices before accepting workers. Adherence to specified agencies helps mitigate the risk of modern slavery.

Due Diligence:

The organization conducts due diligence when considering new suppliers and regularly reviews existing ones to ensure compliance with anti-slavery and human trafficking standards.

Chief Executive Officer Approval:

This statement has been approved by the Chief Executive Officer, who commits to reviewing and updating it annually.

Chief Executive Officer – Mads Singers