Litigation Case Manager

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Litigation Case Manager

Boost your efficiency by hiring a top litigation case manager. Improve your case-management operations easily and affordably.

  • Cut your costs by at least 30%
  • Boost your capacity with the right hire
  • Streamline your case management

What Is a Virtual Litigation Case Manager?

A virtual litigation case manager is a professional working remotely as a consultant who specializes in handling administrative tasks related to litigation case management. A skilled case manager will help clients navigate the complex legal system by providing them with support and assistance throughout the process, thus enabling them to achieve the justice they deserve. More than just being able to handle and organize case-related activities remotely, a good litigation case manager is also an out-of-the-box thinker with dynamic problem-solving skills.

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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Litigation Case Manager?

Hiring a litigation case manager offers many benefits to a law firm:

Specialized Expertise

Expert Support

Access expertise not available in-house.

Productivity Boost

Increased Efficiency

By handling administrative tasks, litigation case managers free up attorneys to focus on legal strategy, boosting overall productivity.

Time Savings

Improved Organization

A litigation case manager ensures that all case-related documents and activities are well organized, leading to smoother case management.

Flexibility And Scalability

Enhanced Communication

Litigation case managers facilitate better communication between all parties involved, ensuring that everyone stays informed and coordinated.

Client Cost Savings

Cost savings

The expertise provided by a litigation case manager can help reduce errors and streamline processes, potentially lowering legal costs.

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Main Tasks a Virtual Case Manager Can Handle

A skilled case manager can manage various tasks, such as:


Assisting attorneys with all aspects of case management, including deadlines, settlement disbursal statements, and making recommendations for time and costs.


Meeting with both new and existing clients to discuss case expectations and provide updates.


Draft pleading, motions, responses, and other legal documents.


Reviewing cases’ medical records and assembling files.


Preparing and submitting correspondence.


Enter detailed notes and keep cases updated in the case-management system (CMS).


Scheduling depositions, trials, and hearings; coordinating with the client.

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Janus Basnov

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The case manager monitors cases by checking clients’ attendance, observing treatments, evaluating responses, advocating for necessary services, securing additional resources, handling crises, and offering personal support. The case manager also updates clients’ records by reviewing case notes and logging events and progress.

Case management supports clients in achieving wellness and autonomy through advocacy, assessment, planning, communication, education, resource management, and service facilitation.

Although both positions entail administrative responsibilities, a virtual case manager mainly oversees case-related duties such as organizing case files, communicating with clients, and scheduling appointments. Conversely, a virtual assistant may undertake various tasks, including general administrative duties such as managing emails and updating databases.