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Why Aristo Law?

We find and source the best native/near-native English speaking remote paralegals to help you get more done in a cost-effective manner. 

Our transparent, professional recruitment process, helps you get the best candidates quickly.

Combined Expiernce

25 years of combined experience

Va Hired

300+ staff hired 

Low Replacement

93% hiring success*

*We replace unsuccessful hires in the first 3 months at no extra cost.

Client Testimonial

The Aristo team has always been great at communication, very responsive when we’ve had any questions or concerns, and we’ve gotten some really great candidates and some great new hires for the team as well. So, if you are looking for additional help, then I certainly recommend that you give Aristo a try.

Seth Evans

How it works?


Share with us what you’re looking for

• Schedule a free 30-minute consultation 
• Define your tasks and needs


Get an instant quote

• If accepted, the hiring process can start 
• Allow 7 – 10 days for the process


Hire a Remote Paralegal or Virtual Legal Assistant

• You choose the relevant interviewees to interview
• You select your favorite candidate(s)

We just saved you 3-6 weeks of your hiring process! 


Free Consultation

Janus Basnov

Janus Basnov

Over the past decade of recruiting virtual staff, we’ve discovered that every firm seeks distinct qualities in their virtual staff.

Virtual Legal Assistants: Expert Support Online

Think of virtual legal assistants as your typical legal assistants and paralegals. The only distinction is that they operate remotely rather than being physically present in your office daily.

Our virtual legal assistants bring a wealth of experience from diverse law firms covering various fields of law and providing you with expert support.

Your next top-notch assistance is just a click away! 



One-time recruitment fee

You hire your remote assistant directly

You hire the remote assistant directly and pay them a monthly salary

How Aristo Law can help you

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Email Management

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CRM Management

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PNC Outreach

Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification

Calendar Management

Calendar Management

Detailed Client Intakes

Detailed Client Intakes

Document Preparation

Document Preparation

Client Billing Bookkeeping

Client Billing & Bookkeeping

Project Office Management

Project & Office Management

Client Communications

Client Communications

Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

Translation Services

Translation Services

Social Media

Social Media

Content Writing

Content Writing

Email Website Management

Email Website Management

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Elevate your law firm with Aristo Law.

The People Managing Your Successful New Hire

Meet the team


Mads Singers


An experienced management coach and entrepreneur, Mads has actively utilized virtual staff since hiring his initial one in 2009. 

In 2014, he established Aristo Sourcing, the parent company of Aristo Law, to assist companies in scaling and enhancing productivity through virtual staffing.

Janus Basnov

Janus Basnov


Since 2019, Janus has been the key contact for new clients seeking to integrate virtual staff into their team. 

Whether you’re venturing into outsourcing for the first time or are an experienced delegation professional, Janus will provide you with all the essential information.

Got a Question?

Check out the questions and answers below; they help provide more information.

A virtual legal assistant is a remote professional who provides administrative and support services to legal professionals and law firms, often handling tasks such as legal research, document preparation, and client communication. They leverage technology to assist lawyers in managing their workload efficiently and effectively.

A remote paralegal is a remote professional who supports legal practitioners and law firms by performing paralegal tasks remotely, including legal research, document drafting, and case management, utilizing digital tools to enhance efficiency and collaboration. This virtual role allows paralegals to provide valuable assistance to legal professionals while working from a remote location.

All of our hires are from South Africa or the Philippines unless you have a specific request. Candidates from these countries possess a strong command of English and align well with companies globally.

Our remote assistants are adaptable to our clients’ time zones. US & European clients usually opt for South African staff and Australian, New Zealand and Asian clients often prefer Filipino remote assistants.

Yes, we recruit what you need.